Women’s March, Saturday January 20, 2018 

Post March Day of CONNECTION Sunday, January 21, 2018

March Saturday–Meet up for action Sunday

womens march 2018

The Moment: Saturday Jan 20

The second annual Women’s March will be held in cities across the state of Colorado. Thousands of people have committed to show up and declare their commitment to fair, representative government and civil and social justice. You can, too! Find marches here.

The Movement: March on to the Midterms!  Sunday Jan21

You marched – what’s next? What will we all do after the Women’s March to create positive change in Colorado and the country?

We’ve got you covered: activists and the activism-curious are meeting in venues across the state on SUNDAY, January 21.  Join other marchers in an informal gathering to learn what’s already in the works and to share your own ideas for making our government look like the marchers–passionate, diverse, caring, thoughtful, responsible and responsive. Everyone is welcome.

Event list: check back often as more events are scheduled every day!

About Indivisible Colorado

Indivisible Colorado is a grassroots coalition of nearly 200 passionate resistance groups across the state of Colorado.  Our mission is to be a central source for information, guidance and coalition-building for progressive grassroots activists in Colorado. We share a passion for responsible governance and the strong belief that we will dramatically increase our impact and create lasting, positive change through communication, education, and human contact.

Interesting Elections in Colorado

We’re keeping a list (and checking it twice) of groups that are expressing an interest in various “interesting” upcoming elections.  If you’d like to see which groups are interested in which elections, please see Interesting Races in Colorado.

Indivisible Colorado Leadership Summit

We hosted our first event on Oct 8, 2017: Indivisible Colorado Leadership Summit: Winning 2017 Elections.  Then on Nov 7 among many other victories, progressive candidates won a majority of seats on the Aurora City Council and the Douglas County School Board, and a measure was passed requiring the Broomfield City Council to protect health, safety and the environment as preconditions for fracking inside the city limits.


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