Getting Started-original

Civics 101

For anyone needing a refresher on how our federal and state government work, here are some videos to bring you up to speed. Note, these videos were created to help individuals organize against Trump.

Find My Legislator

It’s important to know who represents you at the state and federal level. Click here to find your elected officials in the Colorado legislature. (When you navigate to the page, enter your address into the search box on the map.)

Once you’ve identified who represents you, we suggest 1) putting these folks into the contacts on your phone, and 2) going to their websites and signing up for their electronic newsletters. Once you’re on their mailing list, you will be able to stay current on what they are working on, and you will know when they are holding town halls.

Indivisible Groups in Colorado

Last we checked there were 139 Indivisible groups registered in Colorado! From the Western Slope to Colorado Springs, thousands of people like you are getting involved and taking action against Trump. Many of these groups organize via Facebook or Twitter. Click here to find a local group. Consider joining one or many of these local groups or starting your own.


So you’re fired up and ready to make some calls, write some letters, and send some tweets. What now? How the heck do you figure out what’s going on in Colorado that needs your attention? CLEAN stands for Citizen Legislative Early Action Network. It was designed to provide everyday citizens like you with up to date information on upcoming bills in the Colorado House and Senate. Click here for more information and to join their electronic mailing list. Please note: clean is run out of the Longmont Dems, but it is designed for all Coloradans.

Get involved with the Democratic Party Locally

If you are a registered Democrat, consider getting involved at the county level. There are active groups throughout Colorado. These groups are focused on getting Democrats elected throughout your county, which is incredibly important. Click on your county to link to your local group: Boulder, Longmont, Larimer County, Denver, El Paso County.  Don’t see your county listed? Google them. Sign up for electronic newsletters put out by your county so you know whats going on.

Independents looking to get involved


Republicans Looking to get involved

Indivisible is for everyone who believes Trump is taking our country in the wrong direction. First, consider switching parties. Just kidding 🙂 Seriously, now is the time to get involved with your own party and fight for democracy versus authoritarianism. Democracy is not a partisan issue. We need your help.