Call Your Rep-original

What to Say

When you pick up the phone to call your representatives there are a few things you should say 1) who you are, 2) that you are constituent, 3) where you live, and 4) why you are calling. Below are some sample scripts. Remember, these scrips are just ideas. It is always better to speak from the heart rather than sound like you are reading a script. The more often you call, the more comfortable you will get making these types of calls.

Sample Scripts

Advocate for an independent investigation *and* a special prosecutor.

Hi, I’m Amy Activist. I’m a constituent of Senator Gardner’s and I live in Aspen. I’m deeply concerned about the firing of the FBI Director by Trump. I would like my senator to support both an independent commission and a special prosecutor. Thank you.

Advocate for thorough vetting of 45’s federal court appointments.

Hi. I’m a constituent from Colorado Springs, calling about Trump’s ten federal court appointments. I am asking Senator Gardner to assure they are thoroughly vetted by the Senate, American Bar Association, and approved in the home state of each senator. In light of recent events, this issue is vital to our democracy.