Come Home Cory Rally – Fort Collins

When: Monday, February 13 at 12PM
Where: 2001 S. Shields Street, Building H, Fort Collins, CO 80526

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner just voted to install one of the single most unqualified, incompetent, and corrupt people ever to be nominated to head the Department of Education.

We think he owes Colorado an explanation for the vote — and why he has been dismissive and unresponsive to the concerns of Coloradans about the DeVos nomination and other issues vital to our communities. And what better time to make a commitment to represent the people of Colorado than the day before Valentines? 

Please join us right before noon Monday in the park next to Senator Gardner’s office. We’ll send a powerful message to the senator by hand-delivering a petition signed by more than 13,000 real Coloradans demanding that Senator Gardner come back to Colorado and hold open, publicly-accessible meetings to hear our concerns.

We will meet shortly before noon for a brief rally before a handful of petition signers attempt to deliver the petition to Senator Gardner’s office. If you can, please wear pink or red and bring a handmade sign expressing your concerns.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Senator Gardner, Be Ours! Represent Colorado, Not Big Money.
Senator Garner: Make a Date with Colorado

We’re hoping to have members of the press at the rally, so please share this with other friends who are fed-up with Senator Gardner’s unresponsiveness.

More information:

Despite overwhelming public outcry in Colorado about the DeVos nomination, Gardner instead flew to Florida to raise money for the GOP. Gardner’s office says the number of messages from constituents have skyrocketed in January. 

The office received 22,000 phone calls and 120,000 correspondences in January, dismissing the broadly as “paid activists” and out-of-state people. We know the truth. Thousands of real Coloradans have been ignored and written off by our elected Senator — and that is unacceptable.

The Senator needs to meet constituents face-to-face and show he is listening to them and not just beholden to moneyed interests.