Indivisible local Group List

INDIVISIBLE Colorado Groups Find an Indivisible group near you at the National Indivisible locator at this link. If you don’t find a group near you, email us at [email protected]. Regional Groups D3 Indivisible Colorado Colorado US Congressional District 3 Registered…

Starting Your Group

The National Indivisible website has incredible resources to make organizing easy for you! Here are just a few. Indivisible National Website (Updated Daily) How to Form and Run a Group Indivisible Webinars and Seminars (Updated Daily) Fundraising for your Group…

Register Your Group

Make sure your local group is registered with us so that you are entered into the national database and prospective members can find you! Register you

Call Your Legislator

Find My Legislator It’s important to know who represents you at the state and federal level. Click here to find your elected officials in the Colorado legislature. (When you navigate to the page, enter your address into the search box on the…

Colorado Politics 101

For anyone needing a refresher on how our federal and state government work, here are some videos to bring you up to speed. Note, these videos were created to help individuals organize against Trump.