2020: Direct Voter Contact Menu

Make Your Plan to Get Our Country Back

We win with discipline and consistency. Not sure where to start?

  1. Think this way: call, write, text, register. Pick one option from the menu below and get going.
  2. In a group? Add a weekly virtual get-together to your calendar and invite everyone in and out of your group who cares and will appreciate the community and accountability. If you don’t have Zoom; ICAN get you Zoom. Email [email protected] In October, switch to twice-weekly.
  3. Key Colorado Races and ICAN Ballot Measure Positions here. Have you made or found a great voter guide? Add it to this editable spreadsheet.
  4. Need training on any tool? Indivisible Training Schedule here. Or email [email protected]–she’ll train you to train your group.
  5. Please register EVERY electoral event–with your group or with a campaign–with Indivisible, or email [email protected] Why? This supporting data will amplify our unified power to influence the people we elect to adopt the Progressive policies we need.

Menu of Voter Contact Opportunities. Call, Text, Write, Register.


  • National: Call target states on already-scheduled dates using Indivisible’s automated “Hubdialer”. SCHEDULE. HOW-TO. SIGN-UP.
  • National: Choose from a list of 18 target states and choose your own dates and times using Indivisible’s Virtual Phone Bank
  • Colorado statewide GOTV: JOIN the weekly–every Saturday!–Indivisible Colorado Vote Tripling Turnout Phonebank–easy and fun. OR email [email protected] to call on your own or with your group. HOW-TO.
  • Colorado Congressional Districts with Indivisible: Set up or join a targeted phone bank in CD3, CD5 and CD6 with Jody.
  • Colorado local races and ballot initiatives: Google candidate and ballot initiative websites for trainings and action opportunities.


  • National: Join Indivisible to text into target states. SIGN-UP. SCHEDULE. You’ll be guided to attend a training webinar before beginning.
  • Colorado Statewide: IndivisibleNOCO is leading an Indivisible coalition to text all voters in Colorado. SIGN UP.
  • Colorado local races with Indivisible: Indivisible will run texting campaigns for endorsed Congressional candidates. Contact [email protected] to set one up in CD3, CD5 and CD6.
  • Colorado local races and ballot initiatives: Google candidate and ballot initiative websites for trainings and action opportunities. See this list of key races.




  • Reach Young Voters: New Era Colorado. NOCO Targeted texting.
  • Call, text, write or register voters through a social justice lens–find actions and/or offer to co-sponsor targeted campaigns with: .SEIU. Working Families Party. ONE Colorado.
  • Adopt a candidate or ballot initiative–when you schedule your related public events, co-host with your Indivisible group and register on the map to attract more people.



Now you know how to help. The next step? Bring your friends and get them involved too! We call it Community CAFEs: Community Action For Everyone. You can find an existing CAFE or, better yet, make your own!

Set up a weekly electoral work meeting on Zoom or other virtual platform. Give it a fun name, invite group members & promote it regularly. Think of it as meeting on Fridays at someone’s house: write postcards, make calls, send some texts. Ask members to (1) Pick a campaign or two, (2) Pick a tactic or two, (3) Pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and, (4) Jump on a Zoom call with your group for company.

This is the election of our lives, and it won’t be easy. But with your hard work, we can reclaim our democracy.