How to Get Involved

The bad news: We must get our country back. The forces against decency and democracy are incredibly strong. Our only hope is to work regularly and wisely, even when remote.

The good news: You can make a difference by getting involved. And getting involved is easy! Check out our voter contact toolkit below to see how you can best get to work.

Voter Contact Toolkit: Finding the Best way to Get Involved

Make Calls

Send Texts

  • Join Indivisible’s Textbanking program
  • Tips and FAQs on Textbanking (no, the texts won’t come from your own number!)

Write Letters

Write Postcards

Register Voters

Community CAFEs

Now you know how to help. The next step? Bring your friends and get them involved too! We call it Community CAFEs: Community Action For Everyone. You can find an existing CAFE or, better yet, make your own!

Set up a weekly electoral work meeting on Zoom or other virtual platform. Give it a fun name, invite group members & promote it regularly. Think of it as meeting on Fridays at someone’s house: write postcards, make calls, send some texts. Ask members to (1) Pick a campaign or two, (2) Pick a tactic or two, (3) Pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and, (4) Jump on a Zoom call with your group for company.

This is the election of our lives, and it won’t be easy. But with your hard work, we can change American history.