Volunteer for a Local Candidate!

You and Your Group Can Make a Real Difference

Volunteer to help a local candidate–here’s how:

  • Find your voting districts. This is a a great task to assign to a few group members, and to pin on your social media. Find districts here:  Secretary of State Districts
  • Find your local candidates here:  IFRR Wiki  Again, members can be assigned to review and report back. Achieving small tasks can be empowering. 
  • Choose a candidate for whom to volunteer. Discuss and choose with your group. You can all support one candidate, or break into committees based on candidate’s positions on key issues, or come up with your own system. 
  • Contact the candidateThe candidates will love your outreach. HOWEVER, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Candidates are very open to your help. Because they have little funding, often their social media is surprisingly opaque and responses to email very slow. Don’t let this discourage you! Remember, the right is funded even at the municipal level by outside interests. We, the grass roots volunteers, must be understanding and supportive. The best way to contact: make a call!
  • Offer to help in ways the candidate suggests, or create your own actions. Here are some ideas:

PLANT A YARD SIGN GARDEN. Invite the candidate to bring yard signs to  an event, and task your members with taking several signs and asking neighbors to post signs. Encourage members to report back, and use the opportunity, if appropriate, to recruit friends to come to the next meeting.

HAVE A CANVASSING PHONE PARTY.  Because many people are uniformed about municipal elections, they may welcome an informational call. If they’re open, pivot in the conversation to talk about the candidate you support, and why.  Here’s a sample flyer from House District 38.

CREATE “I PLEDGE TO VOTE’ INFORMATIONAL POSTCARDS.  Hand out the postcards at local events as a service. People don’t have to sign the cards, but if they do–either in front of you or at home–they are far more likely to vote. Here are a few sample postcards, feel free to make your own using these as models.

Why? Municipal Elections Directly Influence Your Life

Before the last election, many of us had little idea how our cities and school boards elections were run. As we are now aware–and the right has long known–municipal elections:

  • Impact the way our children are taught
  • Impact roads
  • Impact policing
  • Impact taxes
  • Impact growth, zoning and local economy

Municipal Elections Provide Outstanding Opportunities for Grass Roots Groups

  • Low turn-out means small efforts can generate large results!  Engaging just a few voters matters.
  • Grass roots groups can use municipal elections to learn key skills such as canvassing, persuasion, voter registration and organization.
  • Candidates in municipal elections are accessible to any volunteer. Your group volunteers can interview candidates, get to know them and their positions, and create important lifelong political connections.